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Due to a global shortage of lead, the price of scrap batteries has rocketed to well over $500 per tonne in some parts of Australia. This virtually doubles the profit potential of this exciting business opportunity.
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Battery Corp
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The whole reconditioning process takes a couple of hours to recondition a hundred batteries plus the charging time. Once the batteries are reconditioned they are tested to ensure they meet new battery standards and sold in bulk to trade customers or retailed.

The total cost to recondition a car battery is fifty cents and reconditioned car batteries sell to wholesale customers for say 25-30 each battery. Based on this price, when you sell say 20-30 batteries at one time to a wrecker or used car yard, you can earn $500-$900 for a ten minute delivery. Some of our operators have earned up to $2,000-$3000. Plus, in a day.

The Battery Corp Package Benefits
  • Work from home
  • Work your own hours
  • Suits Sole Trader or family
  • No ongoing fees or levies
  • Suitable for any age or location
  • Growing industry
  • Included equipment has scope to produce income of $6,720 per week
  • Full tuition at your place, anywhere in Australia.
  • Huge demand for the product (half priced batteries)
  • Work full time or part time. Fits around other projects or responsibilities.
  • Easy to learn, no previous experience is necessary
  • Can easily operate from home and fits into a small garden shed.
  • The Battery Corp Process doesn’t involve pulling batteries apart.
  • The environmentally friendly process means, we don’t produce any liquid waste.
  • Suits stand alone business or as adjunct to existing job or business
To further assist you, the Battery Corp package now includes enough Battery Additive to earn $500,000**

The market for reconditioned batteries is huge and currently there are very few people who are able to service this demand. If this sounds like you, check out the rest of our website and contact us for more details.

Total cost of the Battery Corp Battery Reconditioning Package is $55.000.00 including all necessary equipment, $1000 per week income guarantee*, hands on training at your venue and ongoing advice via our mentoring service for a period of one year.


* Income guarantee applies for a period 10 weeks from commencement date. Income guarantee applies only to business sale price of $55,000.
** The $500,000 is based on trade sales at $30.00 average battery sale price.

Seven Reasons Recondition Batteries
High Demand
Minimal Competition
Easy to Learn
Reasonable Entry Cost
Environmentally Sound
Low overheads
High Dividend