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Due to a global shortage of lead, the price of scrap batteries has rocketed to well over $500 per tonne in some parts of Australia. This virtually doubles the profit potential of this exciting business opportunity.
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Why do batteries wear out in the first place?
After a few years of use, automotive batteries begin to lose their charge due to sulphation. This is a chemical reaction that occurs between the lead plates and the sulphuric acid in the battery. Sulphation put a powder like coating on the lead plates and inhibits the capacity for the plates to absorb a charge. Excessive levels of sulphation can also contribute to a short circuit in one or more of the cells. Batteries also wear out because of a process called flaking. This process involves the active material coming away from the lead grids which form the centre of each plate. Unlike sulphation, this condition cannot be reversed and these batteries are best disposed of responsibly to a recycling depot.

How are car Batteries Reconditioned?
Our reconditioning process was originally developed in the USA and then further developed by scientists in Europe. The process involves reversing the sulphation on the plates within the battery, then restoring the battery to a level where it will pass our stringent testing procedures.

Are the Batteries Guaranteed and How Long will They Last?
All Battery Corp Batteries are unconditionally guaranteed and under normal usage, they can last up to 70% of the life of a new car battery. All our reconditioned car batteries are sold with a full replacement warranty.

Value for Money?
Reconditioned Car Batteries retail for approximately half the price of a new car battery and given the full replacement warranty, they represent great value for all budget minded motorists.

Environmental Considerations.
Battery Corp’s reconditioned car batteries are the “Green” alternative. When people purchase reconditioned car batteries, they are assisting the environment by reducing the number of car batteries that end up in landfill..

The Battery Corp Package Benefits
Guaranteed income period
High return on investment
Proven system
Profit margins as high as 1200%
Ongoing mentoring available