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Due to a global shortage of lead, the price of scrap batteries has rocketed to well over $500 per tonne in some parts of Australia. This virtually doubles the profit potential of this exciting business opportunity.
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Battery Corp

High Demand
It is estimated there is approximately 18 million cars in Australia today. This creates a huge demand for auto batteries. This market is worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Our reconditioned car batteries have proven to be very popular because they look and perform similarly to a new battery. Our reconditioned car batteries are sold complete with a full replacement warranty and long life expectancy, yet they sell for around half the price of a new car battery. Why wouldn’t they be popular?

Minimal Competition
There are numerous new car battery outlets around and very few reconditioned battery outlets. Don’t take my word for it, check your local Yellow Pages.

Easy To Learn
You learn the business from the ground up with personalized tuition from our highly experienced training personnel. After your initial training we are as close as the phone if you have any questions.

Reasonable Entry Cost
Battery reconditioning compares very favourably with other business opportunities because there are no ongoing fees, no franchise fees, royalties, advertising levies or other costs.

Environmentally Sound
Reconditioning car batteries makes great ecological sense. Reconditioning car batteries helps preserve natural resources and keep old batteries out of landfill. The environment wins with the Battery Corp Process.

Low Overheads
The approximate cost to recondition a car battery is fifty cents per battery. The selling price for reconditioned car batteries to the trade ranges from $20-$50 per battery.
The retail price of a reconditioned battery can be as high as $50.00-$100 per battery, depending on the type. With our system, all batteries are sold on an exchange basis so a large portion of your stock won’t cost you anything. The old batteries which aren’t suited for reconditioning are sold to scrap metal dealers.

High Dividends
Assuming you sell

  • 25 batteries a day @ $20 each, you can earn $182,500.00 per year.
  • 30 batteries a day @ $20 each, you can earn $219,000.00 per year.
  • 40 batteries a day @ $20 each, you can earn $292,000.00 per year
  • 50 batteries a day @ $20 each, you can earn $365,000.00 per year
The Battery Corp Package Benefits
Guaranteed income period
High return on investment
Proven system
Profit margins as high as 1200%
Ongoing mentoring available